Genetic Testing: Know your risks, trust the results!


The growing field of genetics has made remarkable advances, including identifying genetic changes which increase the risk of developing diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and several types of Cancer. Genetic testing is a way of determining if you are carrying a genetic mutation, which has the potential to cause a medical condition. There are hundreds of genetic tests on the market and new tests are becoming available all the time.

Bringing us the latest information is Ambry Genetics, a leader in the genetic testing arena, offering the most comprehensive suite of genetic testing solutions for inherited and non-inherited diseases.
We will speak with CEO, Dr. Aaron Elliott, and Medical Director of Oncology, Dr. Robina Smith, who offer up advice on the importance of knowing family history, how to find the right lab to get quality results,and information on data sharing. Join us on Access Health as we examine why awareness, risk assessment and genetic testing are SO important.