Making Your Body Bionic


Today’s technology has the capabilities to do amazing things with and for the human body. Today’s show explores a few of those things that are changing the way our body works. Sleep Apnea for example is a sleep disorder in which breathing is briefly and repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Consequences can be severe, but mouthpieces and oral appliances can help for a customized approach in treatment. O2VentTM is a device that is less obtrusive and comfortable to wear. Whether it’s adding a device or adding a nutritional supplement like Pruvit to your diet – there are many ways to easily improve your health and wellness. Pruvit, puts your body into ketosis which will help you start burning fat instead of glucose, which brings on more efficient fuel. With your body operating at peak performance you need to move freely, with Microport orthopedics you can be up and moving within hours of knee replacement surgery and making your body feel brand new.