PNH Awareness on Access Health


This episode of Access Health is dedicated to the rare blood disease PNH, which stands for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria, a rare and potentially life-threatening disorder.

Join us as we visit with world-renowned hematologist Dr. Elizabeth Griffiths from Roswell Park Cancer Institute to discuss PNH awareness and a new diagnostic test available. We also talk with two patients who share their journeys to diagnosis of this rare disease. Stay tuned!

  • Joe Boyd

    This was fine for people to hear because it is such a rare problem, and is many times misdiagnosed. But, it was not useful at all for someone who wants to know what treatment/treatments are available for the disease. Whether a person recognizes symptoms or has had a confirmed diagnosis, they are mainly interested in knowing about treatment. This program gave no clue in that direction…….from a PNH patient……..JB