Raising Awareness of Breakthrough Cancer Pain


“Focusing On Cancer-Supportive Care.”

For anyone diagnosed with cancer at any stage, the physical and emotional challenges are profound.  But for those experiencing chronic breakthrough cancer pain,  those challenges are even more immense.  According to cancer experts, about 60 percent of chronic cancer patients suffer from a type of pain so intense and excruciating, not even opioids like morphine and Percocet can address it.  Sadly, many of these patients suffer in silence because they don’t believe any viable treatment exists to address it.  Many doctors aren’t even aware that their patients are experiencing this so-called Breakthrough Cancer Pain.  Thankfully,  a class of treatment is now available that closely matches the quick onset of breakthrough cancer pain.  Join us for a very special episode of Access Health and hear how this treatment changed one patient’s life for the better.  You’ll also hear from an Oncologist who treated his own mother’s breakthrough cancer pain with this effective breakthrough pain option.

Access Health

  • Tricia

    I had head & neck cancer but was mostly in throat/tonsils. I had 3 cystplatine treatments & 32 radiation rounds. The pain I experienced after treatment (for 6 mo’s) was sooo horrible, I wanted to die, ironically. Unfortunately, after treatment patients (my experience) don’t see cancer doctors other than 3 month intervals so I had no where to turn for pain. My insurance wouldn’t even cover oxycotin so had lousy options available. If this works everyone who gets a.diagnosis should be educated on this problem BEFORE treatment….