Dealing with Chronic Shoulder Pain


Got shoulder pain? Join the club! It’s estimated that nearly 100 million Americans suffer from some sort of shoulder issue, and when they do, shoulder replacement surgery is often the only effective recourse.

Traditional shoulder replacement surgery utilizes so much of the humeral canal (the critical portion of the shoulder that’s lost during traditional procedures) that it can leave many patients with very limited surgical options for future procedures later in life – particularly younger patients. That is, until now. Tune in to Access Health on Lifetime Television and learn about the shoulder Arthroplasty procedure that’s a true game-changer. It’s called the Tornier Simpliciti Shoulder System. It is the first FDA-approved shoulder canal-sparing device that not only allows shorter hospital stays and gets you up and running sooner… it also preserves your shoulder for the long term. Best of all, it has reported virtually no surgical complications.