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You can’t say exactly why you tried your first cigarette.  But you know exactly when it happened.  And unfortunately you now know how hard it is to quit.  And despite the fact that your pack-a-day habit costs you more than $2000 a year on average, and is the leading preventable cause of disease, death and disability in the United States, nothing tangible is helping you to kick the habit for good.  Until now.  Find out how the Habitrol® patch is helping thousands of people just like you quit smoking.  Whether you’re 34 or 84, your body can cleanse and start to repair the damage done by years of smoking.  The Habitrol Support Program helps you work through the entire process.  And the Habitrol® Nicotine Replacement Therapy Patch helps you quit smoking by reducing your withdrawal symptoms, including nicotine craving, associated with quitting.  With adequate counseling and medication to treat your tobacco dependence, help and hope are available.  It’s never too late to quit.