Ereka Vetrini – Host

Ereka Vetrini

“Our goal with Access Health is to make the world of health and fitness, which is ever changing and sometimes overwhelming, more accessible.  My team and I hope to inspire women and men to make smart choices that lead them toward being better and stronger versions of themselves.” – Ereka Vetrini

Ereka Vetrini

Meet the Host

Ereka has been comfortable on-camera since made her television debut as the sidekick on the syndicated talk show, The Tony Danza Show, and as a contestant in Season 1 of The Apprentice in 2004.

In the last ten years, Ereka has honed her skills as a TV host and producer, currently as the field host and producer for two TV series on Veria Living Network. Putting her lifestyle expertise to the test she produced and hosted over 60 packages for “Naturally Beautiful” and “Veria Living Live” all in hopes of inspiring people to live healthier lives.

Ereka was previously the host of “In The Loop with iVillage”, a live daytime talk show televised nationally on NBC. Alongside Bill Rancic and Kim Coles, Ereka covered women’s health, parenting, nutrition, food and more.

Ereka’s Lifestyle

As a native New Yorker and daughter of Italian parents who owned a restaurant, Ereka grew up with passions for cooking, caring deeply about family, work, clean eating, dancing and exercise.

Ereka and her husband Randy are the proud parents of two children.

Facts About Ereka Vetrini

  • Ereka graduated from Boston College Cum Laude with a BA in Communications
  • Ereka was an internal operational auditor for Estee Lauder
  • Starred in the first season of The Apprentice with Donald Trump
  • Ereka had her own talk show with Bill Rancic and Kim Coles on NBC
  • Ereka is a long distance runner. She has run the Chicago marathon and several half marathons
  • Ereka ran her first marathon 11 months after her daughter was born
  • Ereka studied dance for 16 years
  • Ereka was recently one of the speakers on the Family Food Summit
  • Ereka is a darn good home cook and a big time foodie
  • Ereka’s parents are native Italians and restaurateurs
  • Ereka really wants to learn how to play tennis
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