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All nutritional supplements aren’t created equal. Many people believe that we get all the nutrition we need from our food. This is simply not true.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the majority of the population is deficient in multiple essential nutrients that we aren’t getting in our foods. Mental illness is just one of the many debilitating and costly chronic conditions that can be alleviated by complete nutrition.

Join us as we discuss this ground-breaking discovery in mental health treatments and how it applies to other areas of health as well. Joined by David Hardy, founder of Hardy Nutritionals, and Dr. Charles Popper, a leading clinical psychiatrist, show us the substantial and growing scientific evidence that essential vitamins and minerals, in optimal forms, can reverse mental illness symptoms.


  • Jennifer Stephan

    I use Hardy Nutritionals for myself for ADHD, my husband uses their men’s non clinical supplement for stress and my children use their Daily Essential Nutrients for autism and anxiety. What we have noticed is that 1. None of us experience side effects, not even upset stomach which is surprising taking capsules…2. All of us noticeably feel better, act better, coexist better…3. When we miss a day we can tell 4. None of us are on medications. I feel like Hardy nutritionals is an inexpensive, effective way to treat anxiety or stress naturally.