From breast cancer to the common flu, we all want to know the latest information and advances in the world of medicine – to keep ourselves and our loved ones as healthy as possible. Access Health will be on the front line with episodes dedicated to serious medical topics as well as the “Do it at Home” tip segments that offer home remedies for common ailments like treating the common cold.

Microport Orthopedics

Access Health meets with hip and knee specialist, Dr. Jimmy Chow to learn about a minimally-invasive hip replacement technique that’s putting the skip back in our steps. The SuperPath® hip technique is a tissue-sparing approach that allows patients to experience...More

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How to Manage Migraines

Migraines affect more than 37 million Americans. One of the world’s leading migraine specialists and co-author of six books on the topic discusses migraines, and provides tips to avoiding them. Also on the show, hear from someone who, after suffering from migraines...More

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