Safetac – The Next Level of Wound Care


100% of us will have an open cut or wound at some point. And when that happens, more than 40% of us say changing the wound dressing is the worst part. Why? Traditional dressings – wince away – pull at the already delicate, wounded skin that it’s adhered to. Traditional dressings may also allow wound fluids to sit on the skin at the wound edge, and when those wound fluids break down, they make the wound even bigger. For chronic and serious wounds in particular, dressing changes can be so agonizing that they can actually cause psychological stress, and stress significantly slows the wound healing process. Now, for the first time, patients can get hospital grade wound dressing care over-the-counter. It’s called Safetac® Technology, by Mölnlycke. Safetac’s unique technology provides secure, yet gentle adherence that, quite simply, hurts less. Safetac® technology causes less trauma, does not stick to moist wounds, and does not strip the skin during removal. How much of a game-changer is Safetac® technology.