Solutions for Bone Pain


Today’s show takes a closer look at the causes and solutions of bone pain. When you have an achy knee, you may think that the best thing to do is to stop moving, but the truth is the best thing to do is keep moving! Thanks to DJO Global and their innovative knee brace that allows for balanced movement with alignment, patients can move freely and pain-free! What about that shoulder pain? Total shoulder replacement is one of the best solutions. Thanks to the Tornier Simpliciti Shoulder System, the first FDA-approved shoulder canal-sparing device, it not only allows shorter hospital stays and gets you up and running sooner, it also preserve your shoulder in the long run. Finally, we discuss bone metastasis which occurs when cancer has spread to a bone in your rib, leg, or hip. This can pose serious health risks, but today’s leading medicines can help protect appropriate patients. Dr. PK Morrow shines a spotlight on bone health in cancer.