Taking Aim and Fighting Back – Oncolytic Immunotherapy


Hepatocellular Carcinoma or HCC is the most common type of liver cancer and a diagnose can be devastating with an overall survival rate at only 17 percent. Host Ereka Vetrini will be joined in studio with Dr. Laura Finedeiss to learn more about HCC, including who is at risk, how to be proactive with early detection and introduce a new novel treatment method for patients. Local-regional treatment, which is a special field of radiology called interventional oncology is an innovative new technology that allows targeted treatment to the tumor itself which can be a game changer for patients. We will also hear from Dr. Lencioni who has been on the for front of interventional oncology since its early application in the 90’s – he’ll share with us how this exciting new treatment works and how it allows Immunotherapy to be used to harness your bodies own immune system for targeted HCC therapy.