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I’m never happier than when I’m doing the things I love. Spending time with family and friends, cooking the foods that people enjoy, and sharing my passion for healthful living with anyone who’ll listen. – Janet Zappala

Meet Our Nutrition Expert

Janet’s television career has taken her many places and earned her numerous awards, and her recent endeavor as author of her first cookbook – “My Italian Kitchen, Home-Style Recipes Made Lighter & Healthier” has given her another platform to share her passion for food and family.

An acclaimed journalist, Janet is a six-time Emmy award winner, a Golden Mike recipient and an Associated Press First Place Award winner. She has worked as an anchor/host and reporter in numerous cities around the country, including Los Angeles, Denver and Philadelphia as well as serving as a nutrition expert for national television tours.

A self-proclaimed “foodie”, her passion for cooking began at a young age in her childhood kitchen where a lot of pasta was always being prepared, and her mother who loved cooking showed her the culinary ropes.

Janet is a proud mom of two children, a son and a daughter.

Facts About Janet Zappala

  • Janet’s mother was a cook, that’s why Janet has lots of memories of the kitchen including lots of pasta
  • Janet always incorporates healthful cooking and mindful eating to her life