About Access Health

Access Health® brings you on a journey to explore the latest cutting-edge developments and innovations in medicine, nutrition and fitness, so you and women everywhere can take better charge of your health, starting today!

Hosted by Ereka Vetrini, and guided by a robust roster of experts, our magazine-style series covers an array of topics from women’s and children’s health, to caring for your baby, pre- and post-birth, to caring for your mate’s health, and also features tips, stats and plenty of advice and insights.

Our panel of three renowned experts in their fields — medical expert Dr. Dennis Holmes, nutritionist Janet Zappala and fitness guru Dave Sinclair – come together at the table to offer their in-depth knowledge and insights into the health and wellness issues of the day.

Access Health is not your typical health show. It’s unique in that at the beginning of each 30-minute episode, a health or wellness topics is presented, and after a roundtable discussion, the experts break off and lead their own segment to delve deeper into the subject at hand from the perspective of their own specialty, creating a well-rounded approach to each topic.

Created and produced by BrandStar™, Access Health airs on selected Wednesdays on Lifetime® at 7:30 am (ET/PT).