Back to School with Access Health


Back-to-school time is hectic for all parents – schedules get busier and lists get longer. But what really needs to be at the top of your to-do list is you! It’s important to start the school year off right by taking care of yourself. After all, a worn out mom needs to remember to focus on herself too. Most of us don’t want to address that constant shoulder pain out of fear of major surgery. Traditional shoulder surgeries can be extremely difficult to recover from and make it even more difficult for any future revisions; but thanks to a new FDA approved technology, we have an option to eliminate pain and preserve our bones thanks to Tornier Simpliciti technology. Next on your back-to-school list is oral hygiene. Do you have dry mouth? OraPharma NeutraSal is a mouthwash that helps eliminate your chronic dry mouth. We close with a back-to-school tip every parent needs to know if they have a child with a food allergy. Sit back and enjoy our tips to make back-to-school season easier on you and your kids.