Ice Chips Candy


Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary have developed a formula for a surprisingly flavorful line of sugar free candy.  This is a sweet story about their journey, as two Co-Founders who had their humble start in Charlotte’s garage in 2006.  Now they have grown a successful business, manufacturing a natural line of candy that doesn’t promote tooth decay. Ice Chips Candy is made with hardwood Xylitol that is 95-98% pure.  Xylitol is the most expensive natural sugar alternative.  But for several reasons, Beverly and Charlotte think it is worth the extra expense.  Germs and bacteria cannot grow on the surface of Xylitol, plus it has a low Glycemic Index.  That means Ice Chips do not promote tooth decay and are safe for people with diabetes.  The chips are also a great salivary trigger for people with dry mouth issues.  But perhaps the tastiest reason they love using Xylitol, is that it creates surprisingly delicious candy, which is often a rarity in the sugar free market.