Medical Issues Affecting Today’s Kids


On today’s show we are exploring timely issues affecting today’s youth – precocious puberty and a management plan for asthma. Central Precocious Puberty or CPP is when puberty begins before age 8 for girls, and before age 9 for boys and occurs in 1 out of every 5,000 to 10,000 children. We’ll meet with Director of the Precocious Puberty Division of the Magic Foundation and find out what we need to watch out for in our children. Next, we’re discussing how 14-million days of school missed each year due to asthma-related issues. For years, caregivers have faced serious challenges with traditional inhaler treatments. It’s hard for little ones to comply. We’ll discuss new treatments that will help your little ones breathe a little easier. Finally we’re covering contact lens cleanliness. We will help make sure your kids have all the tips they need to keep their contacts and eyes – seeing 20/20.