Solutions For Your Advanced Health Care Needs


Host Ereka Vetrini is back with an all new episode of Access Health where we provide need-to-know advice and simple solutions for your health care needs. First, Ereka Vetrini talks with with RN & Board Certified Wound Care Specialist Dot Weir and wound care patient Terry Young. They discuss the innovated Safecac Technology from Molnlycke; a gentle adherence bandage that does not strip the skin during removal – which causes less pain and trauma. Also minimizing pain is the new hip technique for minimally invasive hip replacement. The SuperPath® by Microport orthopedics is a tissue-sparing approach that allows patients to experience a shorter hospital stay, use fewer post-operative narcotics for pain and return to normal activities sooner with no post-op movement restrictions. Finally, Michele Cassalia from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America talks to Ereka about one of the most common and costliest diseases – Asthma. We have tips to manage this chronic disease with an Asthma Action Plan and much more!

  • Texas Carol

    on todays May 25, ‘access health’ you talked about non-invasive hip replacement…I didn’t catch the first of the program. where was this being done at? what doctor(s)?