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Energy Drinks: Everything You Need to Know and More

Eighty-five percent of Americans who own a smartphone have bought an energy drink within the last 30 days. 

In other words, if you asked ten individuals in the United States who use one of the most common devices on planet Earth, only one or two of them have not purchased an energy-increasing beverage during the previous month.  

For such a highly consumed product, it would only serve you best if you were more knowledgeable regarding the market, ingredients, advantages, and disadvantages as well as alternative options to traditional energy drinks. 

Energy Drinks and Market Metrics  

There is no better time for a business to be in the energy drink industry. According to Statista, U.S. sales hit $14 billion in the year 2021. Furthermore, this multi-billion-dollar figure was an increase from the previous year, as U.S. sales were recorded at a total of $11.5 billion in the year 2020. 

However, the influence of this industry is not exclusively contained in the continental United States. 86 percent of South Korean adults have been reported to be regular consumers of energy drinks. 

What About All That “Energy?”

Numbers are useful, however, they cannot explain the composition of a standard energy drink. This is where visualization may assist in the learning process. The following diagram displays the most common ingredients that can be detected in the average energy drink: 

Energy Drinks: Everything You Need to Know and More

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While the primary ingredients appear to be beneficial, it is important to note that there may be additional components that vary depending on the specific brand.  

Two Sides to Every Story 

For every person who describes themselves as reliant on energy drinks, there is another person who would go to Congress and lobby against these types of beverages.  

While this article is not designed to support one viewpoint over another, we compiled three of the most common advantages and three of the most common disadvantages of energy drinks as per 

Advantage #1: Increase Energy

Seemingly obvious, but everyone ranging from company CEOs to copywriting interns can use an extra energy boost to help complete their work for the day. 

Advantage #2: Enhance Exercise

Extra energy can help individuals accomplish new milestones in the gym, on the track, or anywhere else a person may choose to exercise.   

Advantage #3: They’re Everywhere

You can find an energy drink in a variety of locations including grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. 

Now it’s time to examine the other side of the story. 

Disadvantage #1: Weight Gain

Not all energy drinks are the same, although the ones that contain a high amount of sugar can lead to a high amount of weight gain. 

Disadvantage #2: Cardiovascular Complications

Excessive energy drink consumption can lead to health issues such as irregular and rapid heartbeat and/or high blood pressure. 

Disadvantage #3: Side Effects

Some people who consume energy-increasing beverages experience feelings of anxiety and/or irritability. 

This or That? 

If you are finding yourself rethinking the concept of traditional energy drinks, whether that may stem from positive or negative reasoning, there are several alternative options from MyPharma that may catch your attention. 

Green tea is a popular substitute among those who consider themselves health-conscious. With less caffeine than energy drinks and plenty of antioxidants, it could be worth a try in your daily routine. 

Fruit juice and smoothies are a great way of obtaining the nutrients found in fruits while gaining the energy that comes with them. If you are in possession of a blender, then you may be in luck. 

Ginger root tea is another tea-based alternative that differs from green tea in terms of caffeine content (the former has less caffeine than the latter) but touts other health-related benefits. This type of tea is known for enhancing blood flow, therefore sustaining your energy levels in a more natural manner. 

Vitamin B-Complex supplements are consumed to increase metabolism and subsequently convert food into energy at a quicker rate. While these eight B vitamins can be found naturally in chicken, red meat, and certain types of fish, taking a vitamin complex can help ensure that you are ingesting the proper amount of these energy-centric vitamins.  

Back to Our Roots 

If the alternative options above are still not cutting it for you, then consider revisiting the basics. Simple activities such as drinking enough water and getting enough sleep can work wonders for your energy levels throughout the day. 

For clarification purposes, Access Health does not support nor advocate against energy drinks.  




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