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Leaked Report Links Aspartame to Cancer

Over 6,000 products that Americans consume a daily basis contain a “possible carcinogen,” according to a leaked report from the World Health Organization.  

The cancer division of the W.H.O., the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC), is preparing to announce that aspartame may be linked with cancer as soon as next month. 

Red Alert for Aspartame 

Artificial sweeteners have always come with a side of skepticism, but they may come with a side of cancer as well now. As of June 29th, 2023, a red alert has just been uncovered for foods and beverages containing aspartame.  

If you are unaware, aspartame is a popular artificial sweetener that can be detected in countless products. The sweetener is soon to be classified as a “possible carcinogen” despite securing FDA approval.  

This is significant because any ingredients that are believed to cause cancer must undergo years of “rigorous testing and research.” 

However, it is important to take note of the IRAC’s prior findings regarding carcinogens. For example, the agency has previously claimed that red meat, working overnight, and cellphone usage are all linked to cancer. These claims are still heavily debated in the medical community. 

Additionally, other artificial sweeteners have been facing backlash as of late. According to the New York Post, “Sucralose is a possible source of toxic compounds that damage DNA.” 

Common Carriers of this New Carcinogen 

Now that we have clarified what aspartame is, let’s examine several food and beverage categories and some of those 6,000 products that contain this sweetener-turned-carcinogen.    

  • Zero-sugar / Diet Sodas 
  • Sugar-free Gums 
  • Sugar-free Gelatin 
  • Reduced-sugar Jams and Jellies 
  • Reduced-sugar Condiments 
  • Diet Drink Mixes 

While you most likely won’t develop cancer from consuming any of the above products in moderation, the scientific case is strong enough to define aspartame as a potential carcinogen. 




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