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Airing weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on

On this special edition of Access Health, join us for a panel discussion on advances in wound closure technology for knee replacement surgery.

Plus, stay tuned to hear about one woman’s experience of less scaring after her knee replacement. It’s life-changing.

As a replacement for sutures or staples, the DERMABOND® PRINEO® Skin Closure System provides minimally invasive closure — no holes in the skin, no sutures or staples to remove, and no dressing changes, which may potentially reduce follow-up visits and support good cosmetic results for patients. The system has been used to close the surgical incisions of more than 1 million patients.

Building on a legacy of 20 years in topical skin adhesives, Ethicon offers a comprehensive portfolio of skin closure systems for a wide variety of incision lengths and closure strength needs, including the DERMABOND® PRINEO® Skin Closure System.




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