Early Detection is the Key to Wellness- Cervical Cancer Awareness


Since the advent of the first over the counter pregnancy test in 1977, significant progress has been made in home diagnostics. Today, there are mail-in tests for HIV, STD screening and even paternity-
all from the privacy of our own homes.

According to the World Health Organization, Cervical Cancer, which is preventable through regular screening, is still responsible for the death of approximately 275,000 women every year.

Despite the evidence that cervical cancer screening saves lives, 1 in 10 women report not getting their PAP test in the last 5 years due to limited access to care, no insurance, lack of awareness or simply not having a health care provider.

One solution to these barriers could be the latest innovation in home diagnostics called SelfPap™, which enables women to take control of their health screenings in the comfort of their own homes.