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Can Mushroom Coffee Beat Out Pumpkin Spice Lattes This Year?A bold claim, we know, but don’t knock it until you try it.  

Pumpkin spice lattes have had a choke hold on fall coffee drinkers for years, however, there’s a new competitor in town. Mushroom coffee, as bizarre as it may sound, may help you unlock new health benefits that you did not possess prior.  

Making Sense of Mushroom Coffee 

Jenna Volpe, a registered dietician and clinical herbalist, says that mushroom coffee is “a term used to describe certain types of coffee or coffee substitutes made with dried, powdered or pre-extracted adaptogenic mushrooms.” 

The concept itself sounds interesting, as its popularity in the United States has gained traction within the last few years, but mushroom coffee didn’t magically appear one day.  

According to Good Housekeeping, the use of adaptogenic mushrooms dates back hundreds of years to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), but the coffee part is more recent. When coffee beans were nowhere to be found during World War II, mushroom coffee came about in Finland and was soon spread to the rest of the world. 

Many Mushroom-Related Factors for Your Coffee 

Unfortunately, making this beverage isn’t as simple as dropping a few random mushrooms into your cup of coffee. But if you seek to buy this type of coffee, Cuisine At Home explains how there are six factors to keep in mind during your purchase process: 

  1. Origin Country
  2. Roast Level
  3. Mushroom Variety
  4. Sweetness/Bitterness
  5. Extraction Method
  6. Certification Types

Is the Swap Worth It?

You don’t have to say goodbye to your fall favorite forever, but here are four possible health benefits of mushroom coffee from Forbes Health that may help you switch: 

  1. May Improve Brain Function
  2. May Strengthen Immunity
  3. May Help Ease Stress
  4. May Support Heart Health

Additionally, we reached out to a student at the University of Florida to get her opinion on mushroom coffee. She told us, “I love the concept because they use different types of mushrooms for different health benefits. This is a great option for anyone trying to reduce their caffeine intake as well.” 

While we can’t guarantee the taste will be a perfect substitute for pumpkin spice, mushroom coffee is still worth a try.  

Will you make the transition to mushroom coffee? Let us know by reaching out on one of our social media platforms.  




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