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Let's Compare the Health Benefits Between Oat Milk and Almond MilkIt’s easy to get confused with the myriad of milk options that are on the market today. From oat milk to almond milk, the list is endless. However, the health benefits of the last two types of milk mentioned above are noteworthy. Next time you’re in the grocery store milk aisle, keep these key differences in mind.    

Overview of Oat Milk 

There’s a reason why oat milk is one of the most popular alternatives to regular milk. In fact, there are several reasons that justify its high usage. 

No Dairy, No Problem 

Without dairy, oat milk is more than suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant. Additionally, the dairy-free nature of oat milk is compliant with vegan guidelines.  

Natural Sugar Regulator 

The components of oat milk have been shown to reduce the rate of sugar absorption and insulin supply in the bloodstream. As a result, those living with type 2 diabetes can benefit greatly from incorporating oat milk into their diet. 

Weight Loss Accelerator 

The high fiber content of oat milk assists in helping the body feel full. Therefore, people who prefer this type of milk tend to experience fewer cravings for unhealthy foods that may contribute to weight gain. 

Nutrients Galore 

Oat milk consists of countless vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Frequent consumption of this milk ensures that red blood cells are performing at full strength, which not only provides you with energy but also helps to build your body’s natural immunity. 

Now, let’s take a look at the positive attributes of almond milk. 

All About Almond Milk 

While oat milk has an impressive resume, almond milk boasts its own line of health benefits. 

No Dairy Here  

Similar to oat milk, there is no dairy in almond milk. This means that almond milk is also popular in the lactose-intolerant and vegan communities. 

Low-Calorie Alert 

People who are conscious of their calories can rejoice: One cup of almond milk is a mere 39 calories, according to Medical News Today. However, it is important to note that this number can vary with almond milk made at home or from a specific brand. 

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease 

The frequent consumption of nuts alone has already been connected to a lower risk of heart disease, so it makes sense that almond milk follows suit. Additionally, almond milk contains bioactive plant compounds such as polyphenols that help maintain a healthy heart. 

No Worries About Nutrition

With high counts of calcium, protein, vitamin D, and especially vitamin E, you should have no worries about almond milk being considered a nutritious drink. This is excellent for increasing bone strength and resisting osteoporosis, which is a condition that can lead to weaker bones and subsequent fractures. 

While the benefits of almond milk are plentiful, it’s time to compare it to its oat milk counterpart. 

Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk: Which is better? 

The bottom line is that both milk variations have their respective health benefits and even overlap in certain categories, such as being dairy-free.  

A major pro for oat milk is that it is a nut-free beverage. Nut allergies are a serious concern for those who possess them, and the associated health complications can be lethal. 

A major pro for almond milk is its low sugar content. Almond milk contains zero grams of natural sugar, whereas the average cup of oat milk has 19 grams of sugar 

When compared head-to-head, claims that “Almond milk contains slightly more fat and calcium per serving, while oat milk is higher in carbs and fiber.” 

Which type of milk do you prefer? Let us know by reaching out on one of our social media platforms. 




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