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Do You Feel Like You're in a Funk? Try Meditating

What do the calmest people on Earth all seem to have in common? Oftentimes, they meditate.  

This isn’t a coincidence, as meditation is seen by many as the ultimate way to connect the mind and body and achieve inner peace. Luckily, you don’t need to be a religious leader or spiritual guru to begin benefiting from meditating today. 

10 Life-Changing Benefits 

There is a strong possibility that you have heard of mediation prior to this article. But we’re not here to elaborate on its history or origin; we’re here to teach you about its benefits and how to start a peaceful practice.  

According to the University of California, Davis, there are at least 10 health-related benefits for those who elect to meditate. 

#1: Reduced Stress 

#2: Improved Memory 

#3: Increased Attention  

#4: Enhanced Willpower 

#5: Better Sleep 

#6: Less Pain 

#7: Lower Blood Pressure 

#8: Less Anxiety 

#9: Less Depression 

#10: Greater Compassion 

If any of the above benefits caught your eye, then it’s time to learn how to achieve them.  

Namaste, Let’s Get Started 

“Greetings to you,” or namaste, is a common term used at the start of a yoga session. While yoga is a common form of meditation, here are six other ways to meditate 

Guided Mediation 

Also referred to as guided imagery or visualization, meditators utilize their senses and form mental images of relaxing places.   

Mantra Meditation 

In this type, meditators work to prevent interfering thoughts by silently repeating a word, thought, or phrase that he or she finds calming. 

Mindfulness Meditation 

At the end of the day, everything ties back to the mind. Meditators attempt to broaden their “conscious awareness” and focus on the present. Physical elements of the experience, such as the flow of breath, should be at the forefront of the mind.  

Qi Gong 

Not only a component of traditional Chinese medicine, but it is also a combination of meditation, relaxation, physical movement, and breathing exercises. The objective of Qi gong is for one to “restore and maintain balance.” 

Tai Chi 

Another Chinese-based practice, tai chi is a type of gentle martial arts training. Participants “perform a self-paced series of postures or movements in a slow, graceful manner while practicing deep breathing.” 

Transcendental Meditation 

Similar to mantra meditation, in transcendental meditation one must “silently repeat a personally assigned mantra, such as a word, sound or phrase, in a specific way.” By doing this, the body can enter a state of relaxation and peace despite less concentration and effort.  

If the above types are too much at first, you can start off with measures such as breathing and reflecting exercises each day until you’re ready to begin a more structured form of meditation. 

What’s your favorite type of meditation? Let us know by reaching out on one of our social media platforms. 




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