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Subtitles in Real Life: From Dream to Reality

Image from @wallstreetcrtl on TikTok

Whether you’re a person who’s hard of hearing, socially anxious, or simply prefers subtitles, your world is about to change for the better. Thanks to students from Stanford University, you may never have to worry about mishearing the person in front of you again. 

The Glasses of the Future 

It sounds unimaginable, but artificial intelligence combined with augmented reality has resulted in a device that can assist individuals suffering from hearing loss. The best part is how all the benefits can be instantaneously experienced without spending a fortune in the process.  

TranscribeGlass is the official device that will be helping people who have trouble hearing others or helping people who are desiring to “improve their comprehension of spoken communication using captions.”  

The patent pending product and its function in real-time can be observed in this video from the TikTok account @wallstreetcrtl 


Stanford students built glasses for deaf people that transcribe conversation in real time. INFORMATION ONLY, THERE IS NO INTENTION TO ENCOURAGE HATE SPEECH OR ANYTHING AGAINST THE TIKTOK RULES #business #economy #economics #dollar #donaldtrump #trump #elonmusk #politics #ethereum #finance #crypto #bitcoin #wallstreet #stockmarket #investing #finance #wef #worldeconomicforum #greatreset #whitehouse #europeanunion

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As the clip shows, everything that Tom says out loud is visualized in written captions so the woman wearing the glasses can read his lines as they are spoken. Tom also brings up how the person behind the eyewear can get a “good sense of my lips, my environment, and everything else around me.” 

Life-Changing Device for a Non-Life-Changing Price 

According to The Standford Daily, Madhav Lavakare (TranscribeGlass CEO and co-founder) and Tom Pritsky (TranscribeGlass co-founder) have broken ground on the company’s initial 150 preorders. The beat version will cost $55, and the final version will cost around $95. 

The beauty of this revolutionary device is how inclusive it is to all different people with varying goals for the glasses’ usage. For those who have lower auditory functioning, the avoidance of costly hearing aids (and the surgery that is sometimes required to implant them) is tremendous. 

Will you consider trying out a pair of TranscribeGlass when it is available for purchase? Let us know by reaching out on one of our social media platforms. 




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